Alternative medicines like reflexology are not being reimbursed by the ‘sécurité sociale’ because they are not recognizsed by the French health system. The price of a consultation depends on the therapist. Acupuncture and homeopathy are recognised by French social security and are therefore reimbursed under applicable rules. You should be aware though that even in this area there are constant changes and you should always make sure what is reimbursable before you undertake a treatment.

Nature brings us a lot of bioactive herbal items for education of herbal capsules and their applications. since the start, natural merchandise or produce from nature have worked as a healing machine. Marine Pharmacognosy deals with natural materials of a medicinal price obtained from marine species. This consultation discusses the latest development of medication acquired from marine organisms, and the drugs derived from herbal merchandise including anti-tumor and antibacterial marketers and the effectiveness of those drugs, side outcomes, efficacy, and the employment of latest technologies in drug production from natural resources.
Peculiarly, it is something that works, affords widely wide-spread cowl, and is a device this is strongly defended with the aid of everybody in France. The healthcare system in France is made of a totally-incorporated network of public hospitals, private hospitals, physicians and different medical providers.
1. Naturopathy is a essential technology encompassing studies, information, teaching and application of life’s guidelines on the way to keep, find back and better fitness in a natural way.

2. Naturopathy is the science of fitness; philosophy, artwork and technological know-how coping with legal guidelines of life implemented for fitness and self healing.

3. Naturopathy brings each natural approach collectively supporting to get lower back or hold fitness. it’s far the art of staying in properly health while respecting natural legal guidelines. it’s miles as properly the artwork of healing trusting mother Nature.

(Shakra, in Principes de Naturopathie (“concepts of Naturopathy”), ed. Equilibres 1990)

4. Naturopathy is a advent of situations helping the frame to therapy itself as tons as viable. Its predominant concept is “vis medicatrix naturae”, meaning “recovery energy of Nature”.

(Roger Newman Turner, in la medicinal drug naturopathe (“the Naturopathic medicinal drug”), ed. Quebec/the united states 1984)

5. Naturopathy is a treatment system admitting the lifestyles of a real curing and self important manipulate energy inside the body.

(British Naturopathic and Osteopathic affiliation)

6. Naturopathy teaches how to live healthily (…), how to attend to oneself and of our environment (…), a way to optimize one’s bodily, mental and spiritual fitness with natural approaches.

(Christian Limoges, in los angeles nouvelle alternative: los angeles Naturopathie (« the new alternative : Naturopathy »), ed. Trustar, Montreal 1995)

7. Naturopathy is based on the respect of herbal legal guidelines. it’s miles the technological know-how of natural vitamins; the artwork of sell fitness and a way to save you ailments eliminating each origin. Naturopathy is as properly a school of fitness which sticks out thanks to its philosophy of prevention; its health valuation; its effective manner of looking on the person; its concept of toxemia; its interest about practical unhealthiness; its teaching centered on hygiene and sanitary basics; its whole recognize of Nature; its manner of emphasizing herbal immunity and prophylaxis; its combat against every pollutions, and in the end, its aim to enhance health of an entire population via a coaching of naturalism’s concepts.

8. Naturopathy is hygiene and natural remedy which goes wonders in persistent illnesses. non violent and everlasting remedy, it’s miles especially a hygiene, a pattern of residing and eating effectively which can be the handiest keys of retaining health of a healthful man or reestablishing the only of persistent ill individual. here are the three postulates of Naturopathy: vitalism, Hippocratic temperaments and doctrine of causality.

(in manual des médecines différentes (“guide of other drug treatments”), Marie Borel & Ronald Mary, ed. Pocket, l’âge d’être 1994)

9. Naturopathy is a healing theory the use of natural ways to remedy or prevent diseases. It helps people finding returned ideas of a basic lifestyles while respecting every man or woman in keeping with his personal specificity and using what Nature can supply. it’s far a real easy remedy of human ecology. (Robert Masson, in Soignez-vous par l. a. nature (“use Nature to treatment your self”), ed. Albin Michel 1977)

10. Naturopathy is a medication gadget based on vitalism and using natural keys of curing like speedy, phytotherapy, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, gym, exterior, mild and colorings.

(Karolen Koleslar, Healthcare on line, Ohio 2000/

11. Naturopathy is a healing and recovery system which specifically refers to herbal methods like solar mild, nutrition and massages. however, a few naturopaths can use “much less natural” treatments like colon’s hydrotherapy in case of asthma or arthritis disaster for instance.

12. Naturopathy, natural hygiene and remedy, is based on vitalism philosophy. it’s miles explained scientifically through Hippocratic humors and applied via Naturalism. it’s far a peaceful and optimistic approach taking the whole human being into in attention. it is a special manner of seeing fitness due to the systematic research of motives causing sicknesses and as nicely, as it rectifies each mistakes which have worried the equilibrium splitting.

Its most important goal is to save you with a purpose to avoid curing. therefore, it uses one of a kind methods to reach it: life being in accordance with needs; domesticate a strong immune system capable of face any attack; avoid overabundance of humors; facilitate self curing while cleaning the toxics accrued during a long complete wrong way of life. This way, Naturopathy stimulates each emunctory, stiring up self curing of each fitness issues as far as tissues can help. It approach as well that Naturopathy goals to perfect Human on humanism basics and biological sociologism fundamentals (preferred psycho-physiological reeducation: rethink human according to his Nature and social being).

13. Naturopathy is a important hygiene and medicine of depths! it’s far established into 3 hierarchical treatment plans (cleansing, revitalization, stabilization) and ten simple technics (meals, baths, mind, movement, massages, breath, plants, magnetism, rays, reflexes). It pursuits at perfecting the ground. The essential concepts are Vitalism (philosophy), Hippocratic humours (technology) and Hygienism (technical).

(Pierre-Valentin Marchesseau, in los angeles Santé sans médicament (“health with out a drugs”), livret N°2, Paris 1970)

14. Naturopathy is a philosophy, an artwork and a technological know-how of health which targets at a global well-being of a person into a bio-psychosocial view with herbal and ecological help.

15. Naturopathy is a device of human culture in concord with optimistic concepts of Nature based on bodily, intellectual, moral and non secular regions of human being.

16. Naturopathy is defined as a philosophy, an artwork and a generation. It goals at giving to human the pleasant fitness diploma possible whilst training him the way to govern successfully his life behavior.

17. Naturopathy is the philosophy, the artwork and the technological information of preserving human in an ideal fitness with herbal permits.

18. Naturopathy is a healing tool which include a whole physianthropy the usage of elements, strengths, techniques and merchandise of Nature, besides predominant surgical treatment.

19. Naturopathy is a biomimitic technological information. It way that may be a medicinal drug that draws its method out of an know-how of Nature, of protection mechanisms and of frame rebuilding. greater exactly, this medicine helps the frame to manipulate its homeostatic changes in every type of assault, and this manner, it assures the fine recuperation of its crucial features. Naturopathy is primarily based on a ethiopathogenesis and multifactoral notion of disease. It personalizes, for every of us, a unique cure consistent with a double requirement of performance and non iatrogenic outcomes.

(R. Rejean, college of medication in Paris XIII)

20. Naturopathy is an entire curing approach that pursuits at consolidating the immune device with considered herbal helps: healthy lifestyles, vitamins, massages, phytotherapy, oligotherapy…

(in Hachette dictionary 1996)

21. Naturopathy is a doctrine announcing that diseases may be averted or cured with a healthful weight-reduction plan and natural techniques (rested time, massages, spa…)

(in Petit Larousse Dictionary)

22. Naturopathy is a synthesis of each portions of expertise concerning health natural practices. it is based on naturalism, vegetarian diet and hygienism. it’s far a aggregate amongst hygiene and nutrients guidelines. It encourages herbal structures and competencies to normalize itself in harmony with a new-decided nature’s way.

23. Naturopathy is the philosophy, the art work and the technological expertise that aims at giving to human the highest diploma of fitness he can attain even as learning how to manage correctly his lifestyles behavior (…). it’s far a curing technique with an maximum suitable health objective and an inexperienced control of the way of life. This manner, the frame can get the fine conditions in order to gain a powerful and new-discovered innate fitness for a natural self recuperation.

24. Naturopathy gathers every herbal technique together that might assist to get fitness lower back or preserve it. It makes use of nutrition, curing speedy, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, biochemistry, aromatherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, oligotherapy. Naturopathic gear maintain, preserve and rebuild important power.

All development relies upon in this electricity.

25. Naturopathy (…) is the medication of a not unusual feel wherein unwell people and practitioners work collectively to find the nice college of self regulation, self model and self healing of the body. it’s far a holistic system, the use of body, mind and soul (Lindlahr stated that naturopathy is as properly made of mental and spiritual treatments like medical rest, common idea, positive reflexion and prayer).

(Robert J.Bloomfield, Naturopathic federation of splendid Britain, in traditional medicinal drug and health insurance, international fitness business enterprise, Genève 1983)

26. Naturopathy is a scientific gadget targeted on diseases’ prevention and the use of natural and non poisonous therapies. it’s far based on seven standards: “first don’t harm” (Primum non nocere), “Nature is healer” (vis medicatrix naturae), “pick out and deal with the reasons why” (tolle causam), “deal with the man or woman in its entirety”, “the therapist is a trainer”, “prevention is the best cure”, “set-up fitness and well-being”.

27. Naturopathy takes sense into feasible etymologies:

“Natura Pathos” method “what you feel, stumble on, stay, conceived by herbal way” (latin and greec roots); as well “pain tested according with Nature” (P.V. Marchesseau 1935)

“Nature path”, the route of Nature (English roots, Benedict Lust 1898)

there is in this idea a natural stopping area focused on sanitary coaching: it’s miles a herbal crucial hygiene and a healing manner going with “natura medicatrix”, that is medical naturopathy.

28. Naturopathy is a large synthesis of natural techniques of fitness. it is an artwork, science and technical reading and making use of laws of existence on the equal time. Neither health practitioner nor healer, the naturopath practitioner is a global holistic health trainer. he is as nicely a members of the family’ assist practitioner who allows the way to regenerate and use self curing tactics as soon as viable.

it’s miles perfectly finishing “allopathy” (institutional main medicinal drug) and opportunity medicines (natural however regularly symptomatic nevertheless non iatrogenic ones).

Naturopathy is related to existence’s first-class of the man or woman (physical, lively, psychological and spiritual).

it’s far deeply related to social, cultural and international stability (environmental ecology).

(Daniel Kieffer, in Naturopathie, la santé pour toujours (“Naturopathy, fitness for all time”), ed.Jacques Grancher 1991)

29. Naturopathy is a set of practices assisting the frame to reach a self curing thru most effective herbal methods. it’s miles primarily based on a theory saying that essential power of the frame enables this one to protect itself and spontaneously heal itself. therefore it is composed in strengthening defenses of the body with exclusive hygienic measures (nutrition, rapid, gym, rest, massages, spa…); a medical treatment best being an urgency.

for instance, a naturopath can recommend a patient to consume greater salads and sparkling fruits, drink less coffee and tea. He can even recommend him to rapid for a few days in an effort to supply to digestive machine a time without work.

(clinical Larousse Dictionary 2006)

30. Naturopathy, based totally on vital energy of the frame, gathers collectively conventional practices from Occident and lies on ten herbal sellers of health.

It aims at maintaining and optimizing a global health of the patient, his excellent of life and facilitates the frame to regenerate itself with natural techniques.